Monday, November 30, 2009


On an average day these scooters are packed in on the sidewalk right outside of our chapel, which is over the wall to the left of the scooters. We provide a large parking lot to accommodate the cars and scooters that our members drive to our meetings and none of the scooters in this picture belongs to our members. This scene is very typical of all of the streets and sidewalks in Taichung. This country is truly "on the move."
A huge modern hospital across the street from our chapel. It has a large helicopter landing pad on the top, and a large square hole in the building.  According to legends, the hole allows the "wind dragon" (typhoons), to blow through the building without damaging it.

Jim gets a good haircut, shampoo and a massage from the barber who has an underground barbershop near our apartment. The cost was 200 Taiwan dollars, about $6.00 in US currency.

Some single LDS English teachers who had a belated Thanksgiving dinner with us Sunday since we were working on Thanksgiving day.  All of these teachers are college graduates between the ages of 23 and 26. The first girl on the right side is Sara Spencer, from Rexburg, Idaho and a good friend of our daughter Jessica.

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