Monday, December 14, 2009

We are preparing for Christmas and enjoying our small, two-foot tall Christmas tree that the last senior missionaries left for us. Here in the mission field we are ever aware of the real meaning of Christmas and are so impressed with the sweet spirit found in the hearts and actions of the Chinese members. Although we are often exhausted when we come home to our apartment after a long day working in the mission office, we have the knowledge that we are helping further the Lord's work here in this part of His vineyard. The mission office, with the missionary apartment on the top floor, is like a beacon in the neighborhood with the star above and the beautiful lights surrounding the entire compound. In the evenings people come to sit on the benches and enjoy the beautiful lights.

This beautiful old building is one of the government buildings in Taichung. It is now also a cultural center with a fountain in front and a special Christmas tree ride for the children. We park here about three or four times a week as we bring all the mail received at the mission office to forward on to the missionaries. The postal service is great here and most of the postal workers already know us by name and treat us with great respect. The post office, with the green signs, is across the street behind the tree, with little kiddie airplanes that go up and down as it turns around. Decorations are going up all over the city.

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