Saturday, March 20, 2010


Right across the street from our apartment is this street market where we purchase most of our fruit and vegetables. They also have various other stalls selling raw meat, usually pork,which they cut up for you, fish, eggs, noodles, clothing, Chinese herbs and grains, and a lot of household items. They also have a number of food stalls selling prepared Chinese food. We arrived a little late this morning and there weren't as many customers at the market as usual.

This huge gold Buddha is at a temple about two or three blocks from our apartment. It is quite large and ornate with a temple and other worship buildings within the large walled compound.
Elder Greene is standing in front.

This is a new outer building that has been constructed over a much smaller and older temple to help preserve it and to protect it from weather and damage. Sister Greene is standing near the doorway at the top of the steps.

Elder and Sister Greene on our preparation day seeing a little of Taichung. We are fortunate to have another huge temple, honoring Confucius, about a block in the opposite direction , from our apartment as well.

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  1. YAY an update! Love the pictures!! We love you guys!