Saturday, August 28, 2010


A going-away dinner party at our apartment for "Bush" who leaves to attend the university in Japan soon. He was taught the gospel by Sister Greene and other missionaries and is still awaiting his baptismal date.
Jana Hogan made a farewell cake for Bush.
Another dinner at our apartment with friends and the 4 new Zhanghua English teachers. Front: Alexandra, Elder and Sister Greene; Back (left to right): Anna Lisa, Elizabeth, Kailey, Karyn, Jana & Kevin Hogan. These teachers will be with us until January 2011.

Another dinner with our 8 new Berhan English teachers: front: Alex, Meg, Whitney, Kristi, Libby. Back: Greenes, Katy, Laura, Erin, Allison, Jana and Kevin Hogan. The twelve teachers are a tremendous blessing to our little Branch here in Taichung as are our good friends the Hogans and Alexandra.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing post! I'm so glad I decided to get on and check before I went to bed! I love it when you update your blog! You guys are doing so well! Keep up the good work! Love you, Jess