Monday, January 4, 2010


It is interesting what you can see on the streets and in the buildings of Taichung. There is little question as to this man's best friend who gets to sit up front for the world to see! He was thrilled to have me take this picture, before they took off down the street on the scooter with the dog's ears flapping in the wind.
While sitting in the Cathay Bank today a sweet lady sat down nest to us and sitting on her shoulder was a cute little bird. She held it up for a picture and then she set it down on the back of the bench and it quickly jumped on JoAnn's shoulder and gave her a kiss. Actually I think that the bird spied some left-over lunch on her teeth and decided that it was his for the taking.

We have English teachers and young members over quite often. Bush, the boy next to me, is soon to turn 18 and though his dad isn't against him becoming a member of the church he felt Bush needed a little more time to decide for sure if it was right for him to be baptized. Angela, next to JoAnn is a young member and a helper to us all. Lisa Hammon, holding up the "victory" sign, is an English teacher and has just finished teaching in Taichung. She leaves in five days and will travel all over Asia for almost three months before returning home to the States. The new English teachers arrived a few days ago and ten of them showed up at church yesterday. Eight are LDS and all are college graduates. They will be a great blessing to our small English speaking branch.

President and Sister Hoer trying to get 164 Elders and Sisters to line up on the steps of a huge temple to have our picture taken. It was a remarkable feat to get us all lined up according to height on about a dozen or more steps so that every face could be seen, and then to stand still long enough to have a picture taken.


  1. It's so fun to see your pictures! We are thinking of you and praying for you. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Bishop Elder Greene. Hope the New Year is terrific for you both. Also the new Chinese New Year! Year of the tiger! Love, Carol Brown

  2. Wow sounds like you guys just keep so busy!! I love that you keep updating your blog! We LOVE seeing the pictures!!! Love, Jess

  3. As the nana of one of your newest missionaries (Sister Clyde) we love your blog. As a former mission president/wife, we thank you for being such terrific mission parents. Our granddaughter could not be more excited to be serving a mission in Taiwan.

    Carol Thomas