Saturday, January 16, 2010

164 Missionaries on the steps of a Daoist Temple at Sun-Moon Lake. It was a major production to get everyone lined up so all could be seen.
The popular "Hawaii 51" restaurant not far from the mission office. The owner of the restaurant is taking the missionary lessons and one of the young men working there is a member so they give all missionaries a large discount when we go there to eat. They have American hamburgers, fries, onion rings and all kinds of other Western dishes. A hamburger with fries costs 160 Taiwan dollars, about $5.00US, but she discounts it to us for $99. The exchange rate here is about $1.00 to 32 Taiwan dollars. The six sisters with us are great missionaries, Sisters Chen, Sollis, Infanger, Bretzke, King and Tung.

Inside a very ornate Buddhist temple, which is housed on the first floor of a high-rise building owned by a Buddhist television station in Taichung, are two stone Chinese Tigers. Below is a huge brass Buddha with an equally large brass insense burner. The walls and the ceiling are covered with thousands of impressive personalized brass plaques of financial doners.

                    We often passed this site on the way to Costco!

A group of young men dressed up like ancient Buddhist characters, beating on drums and collecting money from shop owners and people on the street for charity.

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