Saturday, April 24, 2010


At the head of this parade was the female band leader and two flower tossers with their baskets of flowers followed by the young woman's band playing hymns. What the women wear in these parades never fails to amaze me.

I have never learned the meaning of the men decorated like devils in attire that would be appropriate for an American Halloween parade.

These characters are fairly common in parades here. There were four or five in this parade.

All of the funeral parades have drum trucks followed by huge drums on wheels which are beat upon by walking drumers

Sister Greene is never far from her desk especially when new missionaries are scheduled to arrive or when missionaries are preparing to go home. We had seventeen new missionaries arrive two days ago and she did all of the paperwork to get them here legally along with countless letters to the missionaries, parents, bishops and stake presidents long before they even enter the Missionary Training Centers, either in Provo, UT. for foreign missionaries or in the Phillipines for the local Taiwan missionaries. Five days after these missionaries arrived we have fourteen missionaries completing their missions and returning to their homes, and Sister Greene has to have all of their exit packets, missionary travel tickets and documents completed and in their hands and everyone mentioned above notified by mail weeks before they are scheduled to leave. As for Elder Greene, I have to have all of their financial paperwork completed for their arrival and later for their departure, plus getting their monthly money to them during their mission and in my spare time I pay all of their rent, utility, travel and other expenses related to the missionaries and the mission home..

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