Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last Saturday some of us in our small LDS Branch went to the Taipei, Taiwan Temple. The Girls in this picture are the English teachers who came to Taichung to spend six months to a year teaching English to young children at two different private schools. In all we have ten LDS young women who are all university graduates and they give our little English speaking Branch a great deal of support. Our Relief Society President, Primary President and Young woman's President all come from this group of young women.
This young member, and a close friend of ours, is applying to attend BYU-Idaho and is hoping to be accepted for the Fall 2010 semester. Her name is Geena Li and she served a mission here in Taiwan.

These are some of the members, meeting outside of the temple, who made the three-hour trip to the temple with us. Some made it a family outing and brought their children.

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