Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sister Greene with missionary Sisters the day before they left for their homes. From left to right, Sisters Hampton, Lindley, Roper, Infanger and Crane. What a dedicated and spiritually powerful group of Sisters they are.
Elder Greene in one of the beautiful cactus gardens at the Chaing Kai Shek Memorial in Taipei.

A counselor in the Taichung Stake Presidency, Pres. Wu, with returned missionary Stephani Jian and Elder Greene. The stake held a humanitarian project teaching members of the church and 20-30 nonmembers how to make hand puppets. Parents (such as single mothers) of special-needs children will then be taught how to make the puppets to sell as money-making projects to help support family needs so their children could be kept in their own homes. About 200 attended the three-hour work session making about 300 puppets and then 700 puppet-making kits were given to the Foundation so local community project leaders can offer them to the parents of the children to assemble. It brought to mind the saying "if you give a man a fish it will provide food for one meal but if you teach him to fish it will provide food for a lifetime".
What a great project to teach the gospel principle of self reliance.

Our Mission President's wife, Sister Bishop with Sister Greene participating in the puppet-making project.

Elder and Sister Karl Wheatley, the Humanitarian Missionaries from Taipei, provided, through the church, one thousand kits and the other resources for the project and the stake organized the work day to accomplish the goals for which the event was held. Elder Wheatley and I were companions in the Southern Far East Mission in Hong Kong during the early 1960's and I couldn't have asked for a better example of what an obedient and dedicated missionary should be.

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  1. Wow good idea! Puppets.. love it! Looks like you had a great time with that humanitarian project! Love you guys!