Sunday, December 26, 2010


We spent an hour with about twenty five missionaries singing Christmas carols
and handing out information about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
Some of the missionaries helped decorate the mission office for Christmas, complete with raising the lighted star high above the office roof.

President Baclayon, our English Branch President, with his wife Melissa and their two children Emily and Bradley.

Jana and Kevin Hogan at a farewell dinner for them and as they prepared to leave Taiwan for their new job in Minnesota. Kevin was the 1st counselor in the branch presidency during the nine months that they lived in Taichung. They were a great blessing to our small branch and are missed by us all. We also bid farewell to Jake and Ariel Anderson who moved to Australia.

Sister Greene enjoying a casual stroll down the narrow street of the "night market" in Taichung, close to where we bring the new arriving missionaries for a "Dan Jones" experience.

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  1. Amazing spoon lights!!! I LOVE IT! Merry Christmas! We love you!