Friday, February 11, 2011


Sister Greene and I with Sister Lin's 83 year old mother. After attending and speaking to about 85 missionaries at a missionary zone conference in Kaohsiung we traveled to Tainan and spent two days celebrating New Years with a wonderful convert and his extended family, many of whom were nonmembers. We helped teach Brother Lin the gospel a few months earlier and, as mentioned in an earlier post, he was finally baptized. His wife had patiently waited for 27 years for him to be baptized. At one of the sites they insisted that I put on a traditional Emperor's robe for some pictures.
Sister and Elder Greene with Brother Lin's five grandchildren from his son and his daughter's marriages.

Taken on the ship's bow of one of two destroyers given by the United States to China and later brought to Taiwan by Chaing Kai Shek in 1949. They later purchased about thirty more ships from the U.S government

A mural of the U.S. Destroyer in the officer's meeting room.

Brother and Sister Lin on the destroyer. Since his baptism he has become a great missionary and shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone he meets.

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