Friday, February 11, 2011


Overlooking the Kaohsiung harbor from our 70th floor room at the Splendor Hotel.

The hotel has 85 floors and we took three elevators to get to the 70th floor from the 5th level of the underground parking lot. We viewed the fireworks taking place in the city below us during the middle of the night on New Years Eve.

We took a ferry across the harbor to a small island and took in the sights watching surfers riding the waves in to shore. You can see our hotel in the distance. On the island they had many seafood stalls so we tried the shrimp and small deep-fat fried crabs, eating them cut in pieces, shell and all. Sitting on a wall surrounding the old British Consulate building on the mountain side we watched the sun set over the China Sea.

Sister Greene on the bridge over the waterway with many sailboats, speed boats and yachts moored along each side.

At the foot of a huge tree with hundreds of exposed roots.

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