Sunday, February 7, 2010


This mother has a unique way of taking her children with her. The baby on the front is standing on a stool and her sister behind is actually tied to her mother's waist. I guess that it beats paying a babysitter. There is a law in Taichung forbidding more than two people at a time on a scooter but no one pays any attention to it and it is not too unusual to see two adults, a couple of children and somestimes a dog all sharing a single scooter. this mother's jacket is on backward to protect her shirt from getting dirty. It is also common to see many younger women wearing mini-skirts or short shorts on scooters.
This is where you can find Sister Greene, fulfilling her responsibilities about ten hours a day. It is remarkable the work that she gets done but she always finds time to give the sister missionaries a hug, a spiritual thought and a lot of love. Below is Sister Lin, a local missionary who finished her mission last week and returned to her home in Taipei, Taiwan. She was a special helper to Sister Greene for a few days before being released and saw her almost like a mother figure.

The Chinese people love beautiful green plants, flower gardens and fish ponds and they can be found all over Taichung. The gold and white fish in this small pond below, at the local "water" office complex, were huge and would swim to the edge of the pond expecting to be fed.