Saturday, March 19, 2011


The Night Market has everything that you might imagine with unusual sights, interesting people, mostly young college and high school students dressed in the most current clothing styles and fads, foods, ice cream, people with their pets and hundreds of shops with bargains galore. One of my favorites things is ice cream in a crepe shaped cone, with two scoops of ice cream, banana slices, a rolled cookie, whipped cream, a dripping of chocolate fudge and a cherry on top.

These three dogs were being pushed around the crouded streets in a stroller, and appeared to be enjoying the attention being given to them by almost everyone on the street. They have "Doggie" stores here where they specialize in clothing and toys for your dogs and the dogs are often given as much or more love and attention than the children receive.

Underground parking garages are great but can be a problem at times, especially when someone parks so close to your car that it is almost impossible to get in your own car. I guess that I will have to either lose a little weight or learn to keep my window open for easier access to my van under these stressful situations.

The local jade markets have an over-abundance of everything you can imagine in the way of Chinese jade and semi-precious stone jewelry, scrolls, artwork, statues, beautiful wood carvings and antiquities. It is a fun place to visit for a short time occasionally on our perparation days.

This wonderful elderly couple, he is 83 and she is 82, live on the ground floor below our apartment next to a juice stand and when they hear us saying "hello" to the young workers in the juice stands they very often come out and give us fresh fruit. I repay them with bottles of home-made pork and vegitable soup that I cook up a few times each month. We have tried to introduce them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by giving them church tracts and lots of hugs but they are Buddist and two of the most loving and kind people that we know. I often wish that my grandchildren could get to know them. They love to look at the pictures of our six children and 21 grandchildren and always have a smile and a twinkle in their eyes when they look at the pictures..