Saturday, January 22, 2011


The Marihuana Restaurant right next to our chapel. The name means everything here in Taiwan. Many times words are placed on shirts here which would be very obscene and unacceptable in the United states and those wearing the shirts don't even know what the words mean.

Another one of our Taiwan friends. He is a guard at the bank where we deposit funds and transact business for the mission and he always goes out of his way to cheefrully welcome us and to practice his beginning English.

There are beautiful parks all over Taichung and this is one with huge indoor and outdoor botanical gardens. Behind us is a giant butterfly about to carry us away.

My sister in Paradise, California is a tremendous person who supports us with communications of love and prayers and a lot of humor and laughs while on our mission.

One of our recent zone conferences with some of our missionaries, President and Sister Bishop and Elder Pratt, a member of the Area Presidency, and his wife on the front row. We have great respect for these young missionaries; they are worthy, obedient, and diligent and exercise great faith. We know they are tools in the hands of the Lord, sharing the gospel message and plan of happiness through the Holy Spirit to prepared souls.