Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farewell to the monstrous phone analysis Elder Greene was responsible for each month!  He shared a back room office with the office elders who served as operation managers.
Thanks to the expert medical care Elder Greene received, we were able to complete our full mission!
Dr. Chen Jan-Yow, cardiologist, welcomed Elder Greene's visits every month.  We appreciated his
personal interest and thoroughness.
Parking at the Taichung County Courthouse was convenient as the main post office was directly across the street.  Post office workers were always friendly and helpful and after overcoming some shyness, loved to practice a little English with us.  We got along fine with our few "postal" words in Chinese.
Mr. "Happy" at the Immigration office was always very helpful to us in obtaining and renewing Alien Resident cards for our missionaries.  He even resolved a few dilemnas efficiently.

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