Saturday, August 13, 2011

We had never seen the fun of putting a pomelo rind on one's head as Emily Baclayon did during a
holiday barbecue at her grandparents' home.  It was a traditional sidewalk barbecue on a couple little
grills with family sitting around enjoying the delicious meats first and then some veggies and of course
Our friend "Joseph" from the Wuchuan 1st Ward.  We enjoyed visiting with Joseph in the halls at church  and sometimes in the office when he would come to chat and practice his Spanish.  Great young man!
Daisy and sons were friends with Elder Chou Yi-Min, our recorder and would bring him delicious baked goods every week.  When Elder Chou was transferred out of the office, Daisy continued to visit us and bring us goodies.  We enjoyed sharing our motherhood experiences.  We will miss her!
Brother and Sister Du's family.  Sister Du led the choir that Sister Greene accompanied and we had a very memorable Christmas program with the 1st Ward and our little branch.  Accompanying singers in a language not understood is a little challenging, one can never lose focus!  Brother Du was a handyman and could always be called on for repair jobs.
Saying goodbye to our friend Rebecca Haskins, a sweet young lady in Sister Greene's Sunday School class for a time.

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