Saturday, August 13, 2011


Looking forward to our family reunion with our six children and 22 grandchildren (soon to be 23).
Our children have supported us with their faith and prayers, letters and surprise packages, pictures, emails and Skype camera calls where we became bonded to the little ones who hardly knew us when we left.  Our mission was a great experience which has tied us even closer to our Asian brothers and sisters.

Upon returning home, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a beautiful orchid plant from President and Sister Bishop that has bloomed for months.  The tender mercies from the Lord on our mission and actual miracles has grown our faith and enriched our marriage.

We have seen miracles in lives being changed by those who would make the effort to "experiment" on the "word" and genuinely study the teachings of the Book of Mormon.  It is a precious record of God's dealing with His children on the American continent and as a companion to the Bible which we dearly love, clarifies many difficult to understand teachings in that ancient record.

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