Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our comfortable 5th floor apartment with pleasant enclosed courtyard.  We so enjoyed the quiet and the gentle breeze in this courtyard and the beautiful flowers, new ones surprising us with their blossoms all the time.
Goodbye to our Taiwanese speaking grandma who spent most of her long days in the courtyard.  Though we could never understand each other, we shared treats and greetings and became fast friends. When Jim would tell her he loves her, she would shake her finger at him and point to me, the one whom he shoud love!  So we would both tell her "wah ai ni" and all three of us would break out in laughter.
One of our apartment guanli's, a security guard who was always smiling.
A new guanli in 2010 and a good Christian man.
Our favorite vegetable market across the street from our apartment.  This market must have been popular with many for it was the only one that stayed open late nights in our area.  The friendly shopkeepers always added some bonus vegetables in our basket, usually green onions and cilantro!  A happy lot!

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