Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh oh!  Elder Opper found an open petty cash box!  Elder Liu, Cheng Hao; Elders Krantz & Lloyd
and then enjoyed a grand size hamburger!  (Not really, but Elder Greene got a lot of teasing about the
cash box.)
Office Elders:  Aaron Hanich, Adam Opper and Liu Cheng Hao.
Our last zone leaders Elders Jason Buenning and Spencer Maua'i with young student Daniel (nicknamed "Fish") who was a mascot in the office. Living in the same apt complex, Elders Buenning and Maua'i regularly sang to us with beautiful harmony at our apartment door in the evenings.  That was worth a treat!
Our farewell office staff lunch at the "Red and Green" Mexican food restaurant.  Elder Liu, William Cocke (Asst), Greenes, Bishops, Bryce Wong and Aaron Hanich.

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