Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meg Yancey has a wonderful singing voice and is now on a Mandarin speaking mission in New York!
Brother Shih (Shih Baba) came to the office every departure day for returning home missionaries, bringing food and sometimes gifts to the missionaries he loves.  Though he spoke no English, he was always involved in random acts of kindness to many.  Once he drove us about 40 minutes across town when he didn't even know us!
We felt an instant love and bond of friendship for Mr and Mrs Lai, best friends of Brother and Sister
Lin, Meng Yi.
A memorable evening enjoying an after dinner sing-a-long with Elder Ruan and his family.  Elder Ruan is a very busy businessman and an Area Authority Seventy, traveling all over Indonesia building up the kingdom of God.  He also has a keen sense of humor and is a delightful host.
Part of Sister Du's choir minus many in the strong men's section.  Some are shown in the pink skirts
and pink bowties (for men) worn for the Christmas program.  Multi-talented Sister Du made all the

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